Animal Print Is A Classic Style That Never Goes Out Of Style

Animal Print Is A Classic Style That Never Goes Out Of Style

Fashion's mutability is one of its most noticeable characteristics. Trends evolve and establish themselves in a meaningful, and often unexpected, manner year after year, season after season. After that, they just depart in a similar manner. Even said, there are certain styles that withstand the passing of time – these are known as timeless clothes – and animal print fits well into this category.

Discover how to mix the animal print with other colors and components to help give the appearance more balance and make it more contemporary and sophisticated, from the renowned jaguar print outfits to the most basic ones.

What is Animal Print Fashion?

Animal print fashion

Animal print fashion consists of traditional designs that are designed to seem like animal skin. Although they are more popular in the fall and winter, they have traditionally been used all year. By the way, the notion of using animals as a reference first emerged in the 18th century to demonstrate rank and authority (social and acquisitive).

The royal family and nobles wore identical outfits on a regular basis. Later on, individuals of various socioeconomic strata started to adopt this style of attire in various eras. It was the beginning of what is now known as animal print, which is now a timeless fashion trend.

How Many Animal Prints are There?

There are various variants, ranging from whatever animal's skin will be imitated to the color with which this imitation will be accomplished, since it is a print classic. The color of the animal reproduced on cloth is not necessarily related to the genuine color of the animal, allowing for more imaginative and attractive results.

Jaguar, tiger, leopard, snakes, and even giraffes and zebras are among the fashion's favorite prints.

Is it Possible to Create a Less Extravagant and More Sophisticated Look with Animal Print?

Basic Print and Clothing

Even leopard print, which has a place in many people's wardrobes, might be overlooked in favor of a more modest appearance. The good news is that there is a solution to prevent having to quit wearing a cherished item because it no longer fits in particular settings or situations.

The goal is to combine an animal print item with a more basic and smooth piece of clothing to get a more harmonized look. As a result, you may produce a less striking contrast while still maintaining the print's design. This second layer may be a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, or a tank top, with several alternatives depending on the temperature and/or event.

Prints and Colors

animal printed clothes

Another option is to pay attention to the colors that go well with animal designs, as these may help to balance out the image. The most traditional neutral color pairings are black, brown, and off-white, which is also a wonderful choice.

If the objective is to maintain the appearance even more striking rather than discreetly, an animal print style may be mixed with pink and yellow, which provide a nice contrast with prints of this kind. Finally, if you want even more color, choose complementary or similar colors, guaranteed to provide a nice outcome in color combinations.

Animal Print on Shoes, Bags and Accessories

There are alternative possibilities for people who want a more basic appearance, either for their personal taste or because they are afraid of beginning to incorporate a printed garment in their collection. One of them is wearing shoes with this pattern and purses and accessories like scarves, scrunchies, belts, and scarves.

You can maintain your basic appearance while adding a pop of animal print.