How to Choose the Right Blush Color and Get the Makeup Right

How to Choose the Right Blush Color and Get the Makeup Right

There are several favorite products when doing makeup and, among them, we have blush. The product, which helps to make the skin more alive and ruddy, is available in several shades and, therefore, it is common to have doubts about how to choose the right color of blush, which varies according to your skin tone. 

Each makeup item has its own function and, in the case of blush, its use serves to enhance the face and bring color to the cheekbones. Therefore, when using it, you will see that the skin immediately looks healthier, in addition to highlighting your features, completing the look, and making it even more amazing, regardless of the occasion.

In general, blush is often used in conjunction with other items, such as highlighters. In addition, bringing color to production helps reduce the appearance of pale skin and, thus, leave the look in the right measure. The problem, however, is when the application goes wrong – and this even includes the color, which must be chosen carefully at the time of purchase. 


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As we said, the right color makes all the difference in the construction of the look. On the other hand, we can already say that there are some colors that people with any skin tone can use. This is the case with peaches and coral. But, if you want to find other shades, check out the tips we prepared and write everything down, so you don't forget:


If you fit into the group with fair skin, the tip is to bet on the blush in beige tones or even the rosiest ones. The tip of makeup artists is that lighter people invest in shades that are more natural. This way, your makeup will be more vivid without the danger of exaggerating and making mistakes in color. If it is pink, it is still worth investing in colors that are warmer, such as bronze.



Here, the tip is also to use pink blush, which looks beautiful and brings to the production the necessary color to rock the makeup wherever you go. The brown color is yet another option to be used and added to your kit to vary on a daily basis. These colors help to neutralize the yellowness and are even indicated to make the look more discreet and, at the same time, powerful. 


Dark skins combine well with products that refer to earthy tones. In this case, bronze and gold are more than welcome and are perfect for this skin tone. Another option that always goes well is brown blush. You only need to be careful to avoid orange colors, which don't match so well and can harm the construction of the makeup.



For dark skin tones, terracotta blush is the ideal choice. As with dark skins, gold and bronze are also indicated to complete the look and make the cheekbones rosy. Here, orange blush should be avoided, as well as rosy tones, which do not go well and remove the naturalness of the look.

As well as knowing how to choose the right color of the blush, it is essential to have moderation in the application so as not to load the look and leave the region too marked. To increase the duration of the product on the skin, do not forget to finish the production with the translucent powder and, before starting the production, prepare the skin well so that it is always fresh.