How To Do A Basic Makeup In A Few Minutes

How To Do A Basic Makeup In A Few Minutes

People decide to bet on a more elaborate production on certain occasions, such as weddings and formal events. However, in everyday life, whether to work in person or remotely, a simpler makeup is enough to bring a healthier look to the face and enhance its natural beauty.

That's why, here, we're going to teach you how to do basic makeup and, at the same time, make it quick.

With the hectic routine, there is not always time to spend a lot of time producing yourself in front of the mirror. The good news is that, fortunately, in just a few minutes, it is possible to prepare makeup that is beautiful and does not require a lot of effort.

Even those who do not have much practice will be able to achieve the desired result with these tips that we have prepared. 


how to do a basic makeup look

For starters, it is important to separate the products you will use. Because it is basic makeup, it is not necessary to use so many items. Of course, if you have more time at your disposal, you can feel free to add others to the list and thus complete the production as you wish.

But first, separate:

  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer
  • Liquid Paper
  • Blush
  • Eyelash Mask
  • Lipstick 

If you have more time, it's still worth including:

  • Primer


Here, you will start preparing the skin to receive the makeup. After washing it with a soap suitable for your skin type and applying toner, it's time to apply the moisturizer. Then it's time for sunscreen, essential to protect against the action of the sun's rays and the appearance of stains. These two products are essential to keep the skin fresh and ready for makeup.


applying makeup steps by steps

Okay, now it's the base's turn. As it is a more basic production, you can choose one with medium coverage, but nothing prevents you from using a high one, ok?

The item can be applied with the aid of a sponge or brush. Spread over the face. If you want the look to last longer, it is worth betting on the primer, which increases the duration of the foundation and makes the skin more uniform.


Here, take the concealer, form an inverted triangle below the eye area, and spread it with your fingers, a cat tongue brush, or even a sponge. This action is important to disguise dark circles. On the rest of the face, it is valid to apply in places with acne spots, for example, and, with your finger, give light beats on the application sites.  


applying makeup

Then, to bring color to the production, the tip is to bet on the blush on the cheekbones, according to your skin color. In the eyes, use the mascara to lengthen them and bring volume and, thus, make the look more expressive. Last but not least, it's time for the lips: apply lipstick, which can be any color you prefer. Ready!