How To Organize Makeup In 5 Easy Steps: Know What To Do

How To Organize Makeup In 5 Easy Steps: Know What To Do

There always comes that moment when we want to look for a specific lipstick and, in the midst of so many beauty products thrown in a drawer, it is difficult to find it. The same can happen when you need a special foundation, right? When this happens, it's a sign that it's time to put these items in order. Therefore, it is important to know how to organize makeup in a practical way.

Let's face it: there's nothing worse than making your makeup products messy. This process gets in the way when putting together the look and looking for what will be used to start production. In addition, these products need special care so that they do not spoil and can cause health problems. So, let's check out how to organize makeup?

How To Organize Makeup In 5 Steps



The first step involves gathering all the makeup products you have and starting to dispose of them. Check out the products that are out of date to throw away. Wearing expired makeup can cause skin irritations and allergies. Also, it can lead to clogged pores and hence cause acne. So, no using what is past the deadline, okay?

Then it's also worth putting aside those products you no longer want to use. Products that you use directly on your face, such as lipsticks and mascara, should not be donated. That's because sharing can cause herpes to mycoses and other infections. Now, if you have a closed foundation that you no longer intend to use or the color is not ideal, for example, it may be a good idea to give it to someone else.  



After separating only what remains with you, it's time to continue the organization and put the next step into practice. We know that, on a daily basis, it is common for containers to get dirty with makeup, especially in the case of liquid foundations. Therefore, clean the packaging with a tissue and moisten the paper with a little water if you have any more resistant stains. 

It is still interesting to separate makeup brushes and sponges that need cleaning here. Sponges, preferably, should be kept in their original packaging so that they do not come into contact with other products and remain clean. In the case of brushes, it is interesting to bet on protective nets, which increase the duration of the products and help maintain the bristles' original shape so that they are not damaged.


how to sort makeups

Then it's time to sort by categories. You can do the division by product or even by occasion at this stage. It's still valid, if you have a lot of makeup items, leave the closest expiration products up front so they're always nearby and you remember to use them. Another suggestion is to separate products for the skin together, as well as those used on the lips and so on.


It is very common for people to leave some makeup items in the bathroom. And that could be your case, right? However, this is not a dermatologist-recommended practice. That's because the room has a lot of humidity, which can harm the products and make them spoil easily. 

This is a hot and humid environment that contributes to the proliferation of bacteria in makeup. Also, it is worth paying attention and not leaving them in a place where the sun directly hits them. Ideally, the products should be stored in dry and cool places. So, using your own boxes, organizers and suitcases are more than welcome options to organize everything in drawers and other spaces in your wardrobe.


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As we said, organizers are very useful when organizing makeup. There are several models currently available so that you can choose the ones you want and according to the space available to store them. The transparent options are great as they help you see items more easily. 

The rotating organizers are also interesting options for you to store foundation, lipstick, translucent powder, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, primer, and whatever else you want. Now, if you have a collection of lipsticks, there are specific templates to store them side by side.