How To Prepare The Skin For Makeup? Check Step By Step

How To Prepare The Skin For Makeup? Check Step By Step

There comes that moment of the day when you decide to do makeup but don't know where to start. The first step is to prepare the skin to make the production flawless. This step is also important for the skin to receive the necessary care and stay healthy. With this, the question arises: how to prepare the skin for makeup?

Taking care of the skin is essential to prevent it from getting dry, starting to have excess oil and unwanted pimples, for example. In fact, having a skincare routine is essential in everyday life and, here, it is worth noting that, before starting makeup, it is essential to apply the right products. With this, your face will be more protected and uniform, while the make will stay intact for longer.

So, if you're not sure how to get started, check out the tips we've prepared!


how top prevent your makeup from getting cracked

Several factors influence the construction of makeup. The secret, however, is in the order of products you apply before starting to apply foundation, concealer, compact powder, and so on. As we said, the habit of preparing the skin is super important. So, if your goal is to prevent your makeup from getting cracked, follow this step by step:


wash your face

Yes, the first step is very basic: wash your face to remove all the impurities present and leave the skin very clean. The water must be cold. After all, it brings several benefits, such as leaving the pores closed and reducing oil during the day. Therefore, apply a facial soap that is suitable for your skin type.

After washing, dry your face with a towel for the region lightly. It is important not to use the bath towel in the process, that is, the one you pass on your body after getting out of the shower. In addition to being unhygienic, this habit can transfer body products to the face and even bring bacteria to the region and clog pores.


Now, it's time to apply the facial toner. The product helps balance the pH of the skin and does a deep cleaning without causing aggression. It also helps to control oiliness and close pores. To apply it, just distribute a small amount of the liquid on a cotton pad and pass it over the face, especially in the T-zone, consisting of the forehead, nose, and chin. 


apply moisturizer

After washing, drying, and applying the toner, it's time for the moisturizer. The item prevents the skin from drying out by replacing the water that ends up being lost throughout the day. With that in mind, choose the ideal product for your skin type, apply a small amount to your fingers, and spread in circular motions all over your face. Want another tip to keep your skin always beautiful? Drink plenty of water every day. 


Sunscreen is the next step in your preparation for applying makeup. The item is essential to protect the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays and diseases such as skin cancer. The use of the product even helps to prevent blemishes, wrinkles, and expression lines from appearing and leave the skin protected, healthy, and fresh.


eye makeup

This time, it's time to use a very important product to keep your makeup intact: the primer. The item is very sweet and has several benefits, such as leaving the skin uniform and level, reducing oiliness, and bringing a matte effect to the production. It is easy to apply and will make the makeup look even more amazing.


After following these steps that teach you how to prepare your skin for makeup, it's time to get started. Now, you can apply the products you want, such as foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. How about investing in the translucent powder, which reduces the excessive shine of the skin? Well, there's no shortage of options for your production to look amazing.