How To Wash Makeup Sponges?

How To Wash Makeup Sponges?

Makeup sponges are true allies when applying foundation on your face. However, despite all its practicality, it gets dirtier with each use because of the product used and, therefore, it is important to sanitize it. But, do you know how to wash a makeup sponge and the importance of cleaning your makeup items often?

We know that you feel lazy to wash your accessories after using the sponge or brush. But this habit is extremely important so that the item does not accumulate fungi and bacteria that can be harmful to health. So, review this habit and start cleaning the items every 15 days (or at a shorter interval, if you're asking for help).

It is still important to note that using dirty sponges and other products causes many impurities to accumulate in these accessories. Given this, if you use an item that is unwashed, the skin may suffer the consequences. It is possible for there to be irritations and, even more seriously, the emergence of infections and pimples contributing to the pores becoming inflamed. 

In the case of the sponge, in particular, is that, unlike brushes, the chance of absorbing residues is greater. Therefore, it is important not to leave the item cleaning in the background. With that in mind, plan to include this habit in your routine and ensure that the sponge is always clean and free from any danger. 


washing makeup sponges

The washing process is simple and quick to do. Can you believe you can have squeaky clean sponges in a few minutes? That's right! So, for starters, you'll take a glass jar – or any other microwave-safe container – and add a few drops of dish soap (or mild soap, if you prefer) and fill it with a little water.

Then add the dirty sponges and give a few hand squeezes. Then, put the whole mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds. When the time is up, check if everything is ok with the procedure and put it on for another 30 seconds. Now, with the help of a glove or a cloth (since the container is hot), remove the sponges from inside the appliance. 

Wait for the water to cool, then take one sponge at a time and wash it under running tap water. Add a few drops of liquid soap to your hand and gently squeeze to remove all the soap and eliminate any foam that has formed. Finally, let it dry naturally on a towel. 

If you want to speed up drying, you can even use a hairdryer, but be careful not to damage the sponge. Therefore, avoid bringing the device close to the makeup accessory. In any case, avoid storing it while it is still wet. 


storing makeup sponges

Now that you've finished cleaning it, it's time to store it in a place where it is protected. The ideal is to keep it in the original packaging. On the other hand, we don't always keep the boxes that arrive with the item, do we? So, if this is your case, keep the sponge in a plastic bag or in a container that is alone and isolated from other products.

Also, avoid keeping them inside the bathroom, which is a very humid environment. This is one factor that can harm your sponge. Also, pay attention to the expiration date: the recommendation of experts is to change it every three months. The period may vary depending on how you take care of it, but it is important to respect this period.