Top tips to take care of clothes</strong></p> <p> </p>

Top tips to take care of clothes


It's one way to buy garments that will last; however, there is plenty you can do to ensure them last even longer. For advice on how to preserve our apparel, we turned to designers and dry cleaners to get expert advice. And our most important point is that, first and foremost, we should relish anything we wear. Here are some professional recommendations for how to properly wear, store, and clean your clothes to extend the life of your favorite pieces.

Prefer to wash your clothes less

Whenever you wash your clothes, think more carefully. Washing clothes too frequently might harm the fibers, reducing their lifetime. Dry cleaning, in particular, uses hazardous materials that flatten the natural fiber follicles in some materials. So, prefer washing your clothing less.

Wash your garments at a lower temperature

When it's time to clean your garments, do it at a lower temperature. To maintain the fabric tidy and comfortable, and to avoid color loss, wash it at a moderate temperature with moderate and natural laundry soap.


Give due attention to tags

Cleaning various materials necessitates different procedures. Wool, for example, must only be cleaned when deemed needed, and then only with a special wool solution on a soft cycle or by hand. It's critical to effectively care for delicate textiles like cashmere and cotton, which are particularly prone to harm from nasty chemicals and warmth.


Less Dry Cleaning

Because of the additional effort necessary in washing an item of clothing that says dry clean only on the tag, one-third of buyers refuse to buy it. However, most delicate products labeled as "dry clean only" maybe cleaned on mild, lower temperature settings.