Types of Women's Shoe Heels

Types of Women's Shoe Heels

Are you seeking for a list of the most popular kinds of heels for women's shoes this season? Look no further. In this article, you will discover several models.

Which ones are your personal favorites? Women's high-heeled shoes buying guide.


Platform heel

In addition to the heel, they are the shoes that include a platform elevation at the front of the shoe. It is a stylish method to add centimeters to your height without compromising your balance, since the platform at the front compensates for the difference in height between the heel and the rest of the shoe.

Cone Heel

In the heel section, it is shaped like an inverted cone. In this method, the shoe is elevated a few millimeters above the ground, which is convenient since it is generally short. It is really comfortable because of its low height, and it is also very elegant for extended occasions when you will be on your feet for a significant amount of time.


Peep-toe heel

Women's heels with a hole in the tip where the fingers may be seen, particularly when the big toe is exposed are known as "hole-in-the-tip heels." The heel is often high and narrow, while it is possible to find heels that are wider and lower in height.


Stilettos are high-heeled shoes with very thin heels that are very high. They are often worn to formal occasions, and we see them on celebrities when there is a particular occasion to commemorate. Many times, we give up on them because they are difficult to walk in or keep balance in, especially if the heel is really thin. On the other hand, we can locate models that are comfy and great for looking carefree.


Women's heels with simply a strap at the rear of the ankle serve as the sole support in this kind of shoe, which is among the most common. It differs from high-heeled shoes with straps on the instep or fully encircling the ankle in a slingback style. This model appears to be very elegant and simple, and it is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.



This is the name given to short heels that are similar in form to shoes with a cone-shaped heel, but are a bit more rounded in shape. Because of their comfort and adaptability, they are favored by many ladies because they can be worn with almost any day or night ensemble.

Square Heel

These heels are square in shape, as opposed to the high and thin heels of stilettos or the broad and round heels of peep toes. Walking on a "block" of this form ensures that you maintain your balance and feel comfortable. They are ideal for any occasion or for going to work without experiencing any pain at the end of the day.


It is the classic high-heeled shoe for the summer season. It is often made of the espadrille, however there are a variety of materials available on the market. They are light, sophisticated, and informal all at the same time, making them ideal for a summer day on the patio with your friends or a summer evening out.